**My new indie year plan**

In May it will be two years since I left my lead position at Toptal core team and started my indie adventure. I made a lot of stuff since then (see koss.nocorp.me), but I didn’t achieve financial sustainability. I failed, and it hit me hard. I lost motivation to do anything whatsoever and had to find a new goal that will make me keep going. I have no plans to get back 9-to-5 grind, so I had to trick my mind somehow.

My new plan for the year is to focus on a particular niche and make a bunch of products for it. I will not consider financial metrics but rather how much value I deliver. Having that in a niche will be an excellent foundation for a successful business.

I decided to pick blogging because I’m interested in writing and publishing and also I see a trend on hating attention economy. People are done with suits controlling what they read and how often.

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