For the last 7 days, Cultural Fit visited 1.3K people and 99 created an account (7.6% conversion rate).

292 people subscribed to the product updates via Product Hunt Ship. I'm quite happy with this result as it gives me a chance to get feedback and re-engage these people.

I've got 181 upvotes on Product Hunt which is a disappointing result. Unfortunately, despite the win in the festival, I didn't get support from the Product Hunt team, they didn't even tweet Cultural Fit.

The most important take away from the launch is the data I managed to gather. Here the top 5 traits that people love the most:

1. Flexible working hours 99% (71/72)

2. Training compensation 98% (46/47)
3. Conference stipend 95% (35/37)
4. Health insurance 94% (44/47)
5. Psychological safety 92% (24/26)

The top 5 disapproved traits are fascinating:

1. Open space office 20% (8/40)

2. Office kindergarten 25% (7/28)
3. Unpaid parental leave 26% (6/23)
4. VC backed 29% (5/17)
5. Fully remote company 48% (13/27)

I'm surprised by such a low level of the fully remote company trait.

I'm don't have concrete plans regarding the future of the project, and I want to give myself time to think about possible directions.

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