When I released Telepost I wrote a post about my vision:

I knew that the project needs future outside of Telegram and I naively thought that messengers would make blogging easy. What could be simpler than sending a message? It turned out that people use Telegram channels not because it's easy to do so, but because it's a great medium that lets you deliver your message right into the app that people use to chat with their friends. It's not even easy to consume the content, as the app isn't optimized for a lot of text, so authors use Telegraph for long articles.

I wrote dozens of essays using Telegram and could say that the experience is awful, I'm not sure what I was thinking. I'm not even talking about editing, most of my users, I included, use external text editors to write and edit their material. The experience of posting itself is far from ideal. To create a beautiful post with pictures, links, and embeds, users have to plan how to break the text into messages.

Right now I'm rethinking how I want to involve the project.

As you might have noticed, recently I've released a new feature — comments. It's still in development, but I already see how it will improve user engagement with authors. Another planned feature is tags that will help to organize and search the posts.

Right after that, or somewhere in between is an editor that will help write, edit and publish posts. It will solve the problem I described before.

What's next? It's yet to figure. What's certain is that I need a new vision for the Telepost future

Please, share your opinion in the comments.

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