Less than a week ago I was participating in The 24 Hour Startup Challange, and now I'm building a product for Product Hunt's Makers Festival: https://blog.producthunt.com/youre-invited-to-the-product-hunt-makers-festival-a3ac1ff8250f

Initially, I wasn't sure if I wanted to get involved in yet another hackathon. I didn't want to spread myself thin and instead focus on Telepost, my main product. Also, traditionally I missed the start date, and the deadline is in 2 days, on Saturday. But then I decided that it could be a useful experience, and I might get the attention of a broad audience, and the worst that could happen is that I'll lose two days of work. Also, for a couple of months, I had a product idea but didn't have a chance to work on it. The Makers Festivals looks like a good excuse, so be it!

I'm working on Cultural Fit. It's a collaborative list of corporate culture traits that make you love your workplace:

I believe that we live in a post-burnout era. The more and more people talk about their depression and the work as the main factor that caused it. The times when you could bring XBox to the office and then get away with permanent crunch time are gone. It's become evident that so-called perks such as unlimited vacation policy or free dinners at the office are tricks that supposed to make employees spend more time at the workplace. People had enough and not buying on this anymore.

To win in this extremely competitive world companies must attract and then detain the top talent. The best way to do it is to provide a working environment that allows talent to strive and maintain healthy life-work balance.

Cultural Fit is a project where people will gather the most loved (and disapproved) cultural traits. It will help talent to help companies understand their needs and build cultures where people will want to work.

It all started with a domain that I spontaneously bought some time ago:

I'll keep you updated! Wish me luck!
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